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Stelrad expands the range of J-brackets

Last year Stelrad launched the innovative J-bracket (type Monclac, VDI 6036). This bracket does not only ensure smooth and easy assembly, it also guarantees an extremely stable and secure fixation. Meanwhile, both users and installers are clearly increasingly convinced of the benefits, thus making our J-bracket more and more popular.

Range extension

Until now, the J-bracket could only be applied to horizontal radiators types 11 through 33. Today Stelrad releases a new version of the J-bracket, specifically for the type 10 radiator. The spacer is longer in order to achieve the required wall distance, allowing a precise connection.

This bracket is offered as an accessory only, under the following article numbers:

Brackets (mounting instructions included) are to be ordered separately.
For lengths above 1600 mm: 3 brackets are needed.

Type 10

A type 10 radiator has no convection fins making it very suitable for environments where hygiene and safety are of great importance. Type 10 radiators are featured in our Hygiene-series (Hygiene, Hygiene Galva, Hygiene ECO and Hygiene ECO Galva).

VDI 6036 Compliant

Just like the existing J-bracket, the new version for type 10 was also subjected to a thorough technical inspection and meets the German VDI standard 6036 class 2.

Easy to install

The new wall bracket not only provides more security, furthermore the locking mechanism is extremely simple and efficient. No more hassles with separate saddle clips or mounting latches. The bracket supports the radiator at the bottom of the lower lugs, while the locking mechanism is integrated into the head of the bracket. To ensure extra safety, the head can be screwed into a fixed position. The VDI compliant bracket (Monclac) is compatible with all horizontal type 10 panel radiators with welded lugs and a height between 300 and 900mm.

Download the mounting instructions