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Stelrad, quality

Stelrad focuses on quality, safety and the environment. Stelrad has many years of experience implementing a strict management system in terms of quality, safety and the environment. Every day this system makes a major contribution to ensuring high product quality and safety, the general wellbeing of our employees and protecting the environment.

It is a system in which the policy developed by our management on safety and the environment is translated into specific procedures and instructions. The focus is on both the customer and the Stelrad product. Everyone involved in the process, including Stelrad staff and suppliers, etc. are asked to apply these policies, procedures and instructions.

Each year, this quality management system is audited by the respected TUV Süd audit bureau, in line with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard. As part of this audit, every department at Stelrad is thoroughly examined to assess whether the required quality, safety and environmental aspects of the business are known and are being applied properly.

Also each year, the main Stelrad products are put through a product audit. This is a highly detailed test that examines all of the properties and specifications of the production process and of the Stelrad products themselves. It covers packaging, labelling and storage conditions. All Stelrad products are EN 442-certified, with some of them also have RAL, NF and Kitemark certification.

Finally, Stelrad is constantly measuring, assessing and improving its service and quality. This is done by involving the whole organisation, suppliers and customers in our processes. Customer opinions are very important when it comes to implementing improvements to our (internal and external) processes so that we can continue to be innovative with our products while at the same time developing new ones.