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New: Planar 8 with insert and connection left

In the renovation market piping is not always adjusted. In such case a radiator with a left-hand bottom connection is an ideal solution. In view of the unique advantages of our 8-connections range with numerous connection options, we are happy to respond to your request to also offer a premium version with flat front and left-hand bottom connection for types 21, 22 and 33.

The Planar 8 left article numbers start with 0650. The gross prices, the range and your discounts are identical to those of the existing Planar 8. You can download the adjusted product sheet via this link. An Excel overview with new article numbers can be downloaded here.

All Hygiene radiators supplied with J-brackets

To further increase safety for you and your customers, Stelrad has decided to equip all Hygiene radiators with J-brackets (VDI 6036 – class 2 or 3).

The existing L-bracket will therefore be replaced by a J-bracket for the following product groups:

  • • Hygiene Type 10 ( 0204), class 2
  • • ​Hygiene Type 20-30 ( 0204), class 3
  • • Hygiene Galva Type 10 ( 0108), class 2
  • • Hygiene Galva Type 20-30 ( 0108), class 3

For replacing the L-bracket with a J-bracket no extra costs will be charged for the Type 20 and Type 30 radiators. However, for Type 10 it concerns a very specific J-bracket where we will be forced to increase the gross price by 15 Euro per radiator.

Open orders shipped after April 1st. will be shipped with the new J-brackets at no extra cost. For orders placed after April 1st. of Type 10 the new gross prices will apply. Hygiene Type 20 and 30 radiators are supplied with J-brackets at no extra cost.

Current wall distance

New wall distance

Hygiene ECO T10 L400 no longer available

By reducing manual actions in our production process, we are able to continuously improve our quality. For that reason we have decided to cancel Hygiene ECO T10 L0400 radiators. This means that following 18 articles are no longer available: click on this link to download the Excel file.