Stelrad Eclipse: Always perfectly balanced

Correct balancing and a constant return temperature are essential for the energy efficiency of a heating system. Today we are launching our Stelrad Eclipse, a new dynamic valve insert.

Three good reasons to buy our Eclipse

1. Easy to install

With regulations getting stricter, correct hydronic balancing of radiators is becoming more and more important. With our Eclipse you immediately comply with these standards.

Based on the delta T and the heat-output of the radiator, it is easy to set the required flow rate. The setting is done with a spanner by aligning the desired flow-rate with the mark on the valve. The value can be adjusted and multiplied by 10 immediately indicates the flow rate in liter/ hour. When determining the flow rate you no longer have to take pressure losses into account.


2. Time saving

Hydronic balancing of a radiator is a time-consuming and complex job. By using our Eclipse as your preferred thermostatic valve insert hydronic balancing is done in no time.

The Stelrad Eclipse always ensures a constant flow rate or mass flow through the radiator, independent of any pressure changes in the heating system. This results into a perfectly balanced heating system.


3. Lower energy costs and good for the environment

A balanced system is a guarantee for a more efficient heating installation, better heating up of the rooms and avoiding of flow noises.

With a well-balanced heating system – which is always ensured by our Eclipse – the end customer saves on energy costs. Less energy costs also means less CO2 emissions, which contributes to the realization of the European Green Deal.


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