How do you choose the right radiators?

When searching for the appropriate radiator, you’ll need to make a few decisions, and we’re happy to assist you with that.
In the following video, Steven will go over our various solutions for you. Turn on subtitles for the English translation.


  • with a ribbed or a decorative front?
  • with or without visible piping?
  • which heats ecologically and sustainably? Then the choice lies with our ECO radiators.
  • with built-in fans so that the room heats up even faster in winter? The VENTO radiators are the answer. In combination with a heat pump, set at a minimum of 17° C, you can also cool with the VENTO radiators.
  • For certain purposes, e.g. in small spaces, as additional heating or in combination with solar panels, our electric radiators offer the ideal solution.

How to place radiators?

In the following video, a number of radiators are placed and connected. Watch how best to do this and learn some tips & tricks. Video in Dutch, turn on subtitles for English translation.

ECO radiators

The climate is groaning under our energy consumption. We are all looking for ways to be smarter with energy. The Stelrad ECO radiator is a possible part of the solution. Discover the advantages of these radiators and what your profits could be in the video below.

Production process animation

Discover in this film, explained in a simple way, how our radiators are made.