About Stelrad

Stelrad = Pioneer on the radiator market

Stelrad is one of the pioneers of radiator development in Europe. Our first panel radiators rolled off the production line back in 1960. Today, Stelrad is the largest European brand in the radiator market. We owe our leading position to our employees’ day-to-day passion for designing, producing and marketing radiators that meet the high expectations of European consumers today. Moreover, with our unique ECO technology we make the most energy-efficient radiators on the market.

Exclusive designer radiators

In the early years, Stelrad confined itself to the good old steel plate radiator, which was a standard feature of every home. Over the years, however, the range has greatly expanded.

In addition to highly functional models, Stelrad has developed exclusive ECO, designer, vertical and electric radiators. These give added lustre to any interior without any loss of comfort. In this way, Stelrad radiators combine design, comfort and functionality. What’s more, each model now comes in more than 200 colours.

Heat = precious

Heat is precious, because without it there can be no comfort or cosiness. But also because it should be cherished as a scarce asset. Stelrad’s R&D department has been working for years to make our radiators ever more economical and efficient.

With the development of the ECO technology, which is perfect as an output element for low-temperature systems, Stelrad launched the first radiator that pays for itself. We now use this technology in various decorative models. With our ECO radiators, you can expect the heating comfort you need, plus lower energy consumption and a corresponding reduction in your energy bills. A win-win situation for you and the environment!

Sustainable green heat

In the future, Stelrad will carry on making every effort to further reduce the energy consumption of our radiators.
Our continuous investments in R&D will lead to an even wider range of electric radiators and low-temperature solutions in the years ahead – without any compromise on quality and heating comfort.

The ultimate combination of comfort, durability and convenience: that’s what Stelrad is all about.

Part of the Stelrad Radiator Group

Stelrad has been part of the Stelrad Radiator Group (SRG) since 2014. With no fewer than 5.9 million radiators sold in 2017 and a market share of around 20%, SRG is the only European manufacturer to focus 100% on the development, production and sale of radiators. Being part of this European group gives us the foundations and strength we need to consolidate and further strengthen our European position.