Discover the power of infrared radiation! This form of electromagnetic energy is a revolutionary way of heating that can seamlessly cooperate with traditional convection heating. Infrared heating does not warm the air but directly targets individuals and objects within its range.

Thanks to this targeted approach, users experience comforting, rapid warmth without energy loss, even at lower ambient temperatures. You have probably heard of the effects of infrared warmth, such as those from sunlight or the soothing heat of a red lamp for muscle pain. Therefore, infrared heating is particularly suitable for smaller spaces that need occasional heating.


Easy to install and suitable for any environment thanks to its minimal design. The Rayo gives a feeling of natural warmth and spreads it evenly through the transmission of infrared rays. It is mandatory to use a programmable smart plug (not included).

The Rayo is available in traffic white and anthracite grey.


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✔ Ready for installation and connection

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Rayo infrared panels as supplementary heating

Using a Rayo infrared panel as supplementary heating can reduce the energy consumption of the primary heating source (mostly still a gas-fired condensing boiler or sometimes an electric heat pump). Below are the most common applications described:

Living Area

You can use a Rayo infrared panel as supplementary heating in the living area. This allows the thermostat of the main heating system to be set slightly lower (saving energy) while still providing comfortable warmth from the Rayo infrared panel.


With a Rayo infrared panel, you can quickly warm up the bathroom when you are using it. The regular radiator can be turned off or set to a very low setting. When you are in the bathroom, switch on the Rayo infrared panel. Thanks to the brief use of the Rayo infrared panel, you save energy compared to other slower-working distribution systems.


A Rayo infrared panel is extremely suitable for heating a (work)room where you stay only temporarily.
The benefits of heating with our infrared panel are especially greater when you are alone at home. When you are alone, you can set the heating low everywhere and save significantly. In company, the heating in the living room (and possibly other spaces) is on anyway, which limits the savings from using the Rayo infrared panel. With smart control, you can only heat the workspace when necessary.



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