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Stelrad DECO range expands with 486 SKUs!

Recently the demand for decorative radiators has increased significantly. To keep up with this demand, Stelrad expands their assortment of flat panel and stylized radiators. This means an additional 179 SKUs are added to the Planar ECO range, 139 SKUs to the Compact Planar range and 84 SKUs to both the Planar Style ECO and Compact Style ranges.

This expansion is visible in all combinations of types, heights and lengths within each range.


318 Additional radiators with a flat front

The most important changes are that type 11 is now available in every height, type 21 is now offered in height 300mm and length 1100mm is added to all heights.

Furthermore the ranges are completed in order to be more compliant with other Stelrad ranges.

168 Additional radiators with a stylized front

The type 11 radiators is available from now on, starting at a height of 400mm and up to lengths of 2000mm for all available heights. Further additions have been made to the range, both to smaller and to bigger radiators in length.

With these changes and additions we want to fulfil our customers’ needs for more possibilities to combine radiators, more transparency of our ranges and more functionality. Our range of decorative radiators is now more in line with other ranges within the Stelrad offer.

This expansion is available from now on.