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Our new European distribution centre has us future-proof!

Storage capacity has doubled, thanks to the brand new European distribution centre in Heerlen, which opened early in 2019. “We can now store up to 200,000 radiators compared to the capacity of 100,000 radiators before”, says warehouse manager Ruud Meijs. “The aim is to supply a much larger part of our range directly, and therefore faster, from stock”.

Storage capacity of 25,000-m²

In addition to the 25,000-m² storage capacity, the distribution centre also has its own modern offices, enough cargo ports and a loading dock of 6,000 m². As the warehouse manager, Ruud Meijs is responsible for day-to-day management of the distribution centre.

“The new location is wonderful. We make huge savings on internal transport costs. Loading trucks is a much more efficient process. We have enough space to get the orders ready without the truck loaders and the order pickers getting in each other’s way. Where we could only stock 100,000 radiators before, we now have space for 200,000 of them. This means that we can deliver many more items from our range directly from stock. At the moment, we are still actively working on building up our stock. We hope to have 150,000 items in stock by this summer.”

A vast difference

The new distribution centre is like a breath of fresh air for the employees as well. “With LED lighting solutions it feels like broad daylight inside the building now. The perfectly level floor makes it a breeze to drive a forklift. What is more, we now work with electric forklifts instead of gas-powered ones. No more emissions. We currently stack up to a height of twelve metres. Thanks to the cameras that are mounted on the forklifts, this working at heights – which is new to us – is done in a completely safe way.”