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VENTO Ultra-Low Temperature Radiator with Cooling Function

Ideal for heat pumps

VENTO Ultra-Low Temperature Radiator

Save on energy, not comfort

Low energy consumption and great energy efficiency? It’s a breeze with a VENTO ultra-low temperature radiator! If you wish to regulate your home’s temperature efficiently, all year round and without high energy costs, this radiator is always the perfect, sustainable choice. When combined with a heat pump and thanks to Stelrad’s innovative convection technology, VENTO can be used for cooling as well.

Discover VENTO’s advantages

Energy-efficient, quiet operation

With low inlet temperatures of 35° to 60°C, VENTO saves energy without sacrificing thermal comfort. The integrated fans provide additional convection and adapt quickly to the required temperature. Moreover, the fans’ sound pressure level is measured at only 32 dB(A) at a distance of 1 metre for a unit 600 mm tall and 1000 mm in length.

Cooling is possible

When combined with a heat pump set to at least 17°C, VENTO can be used for cooling. The cooling function is fully automatic and creates a pleasant, refreshing breeze.

Verwarmen en koelen

User-friendly controls

There is no complex control panel. Simply use a thermostatic valve (or room thermostat) to control it.

Stylish design

VENTO is available in two versions (type 22): the Compact VENTO; 4-connections with a profiled front and Planar VENTO; 6-connections with a premium flat front panel.

Easy installation

VENTO easily connects to any heating source and installation is the same as for a traditional radiator. All you need is an outlet (to operate the fans).

Did you know?
The VENTO series is available in a range of colours.
The radiator can be connected to any heat source and is ideal for both new builds and renovations.

Want to know more?

Discover all information about the new Compact VENTO and Planar VENTO on our website.