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Two important product changes: Horta Double and side panel clips on vertical radiators

We recently implemented two important product changes in our production process. The first change involves modifying the bracket for the Horta Double. In addition, the end-clip for the side panels of vertical radiators type 20, 21 and 22 has been fully re-designed.

New design clip on side panels of vertical radiators 20, 21 and 22

The end-clip on the side panels of vertical radiators type 20, 21 and 22 has been fully re-designed. The new clip fits into the water channels between the front and the back panel. Previously, the clip would clamp on the top and bottom nipple of the side connections. The new design offers several benefits:

Easy to mount. To assemble the side panel you only have to click the side panel on to the radiator.
Easier assembly guarantees a stronger and more effective connection between side panels and the radiator. This will prevent complaints about bulging, loose or curved side panels.
The new clip is also safer. The specific location of clips means it is impossible for side panels to slide upwards or downwards. This modification is very important when the radiator is mounted upside down, which is perfectly possible with vertical radiators due to the flow lock.
Only two different versions: one for vertical radiators type 20 and 21, and one for vertical radiators type 22. Only one fixing method, which rules out incorrect installation.
Remark! The new clip isn’t compatible with the old version of the side panels. On the contrary, the old end-clips can still be mounted on the new side panels. But we do not recommand this combination as the metal hook in the middle of the side panel has been removed.

Download the assembling instructions

VTX side panel clip.1vertex clip2VTX side panel clip.3

Modification of Horta Double wall bracket

This modified bracket will allow us to resolve two possible safety problems:

  1. No chance of deformation
    Due to the weight of the radiator, the previous bracket could deform. But the new design in combination with the supplied safety screws and plugs were adapted to the specifications of the radiator. Resulting in an extremely strong and safe wall bracket.
  2. Securing the anti-lift device
    With the previous bracket, problems were encountered when trying to tighten the retaining bolt. Once the radiator was placed on the brackets, it was no longer possible to reach and tighten the retaining bolt. In practice, it was very difficult to effectively mount the radiator. The design of the new console was thus modified. By moving the bolt hole backwards, it is now possible to easily tighten the bolt even after the radiator has been installed.

Download the assembling instructions

foto 4foto 5foto 6

Kind regards,

Bart Wouters
Marketing Manager