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All radiators “All In”!

With the right brackets in the packaging!

To further increase your ease of installation we will soon supply the radiators below including all mounting materials. In the packaging of each radiator you will immediately find the correct brackets, screws, plugs, air vent and blind plug.

Get started on the installation straight away

After delivery of the radiators you ordered, you can start assembling immediately, without further searches or risk of errors.

We will carry out these product improvements in several phases in the coming months:

  • • From 1 July

You will have the choice between our basic product our Accord (article number starting with 0203) and the newest version Accord All In (article number starting with 0601). For the Accord All In, the L brackets, screws, plugs, air vent and blind plug are already included in the package. Our Accord (art no. 0203) will remain available and can be ordered until 31 October 2020.

  • • From 1 September

We immediately supply the following ECO radiators with the associated J brackets (VDI 6036 – class 2 or 3), screws, plugs, air vent and blind plug.

  • • ECO Galva Type 11-21-22-33 (art. no. 0695), Class 3
  • • Hygiene ECO Type 20-30 (art. no. 0692), Class 3
  • • Hygiene ECO Type 20-30 Left (art. no. 0690), Class 3
  • • Hygiene ECO Galva Type 20-30 (art. no. 0695), Class 3
  • • Hygiene ECO Type 10 (art. no. 0691), Class 2
  • • Hygiene ECO Type 10 Left (art. no. 0693), Class 2
  • • Hygiene ECO Galva Type 10 (art. no. 0695), Class 2

The following basic radiators are fitted with L brackets, screws, plugs, air vent and blind plug.

  • • Galva Type 11-21-22-33 (art. no. 0107)
  • • Hygiene Type 10-20-30 (art. no. 0204)
  • • Hygiene Galva Type 10-20-30 (art. no. 0108)

You will pay a 3.5% surcharge on the gross price to add the additional material. This additional service will avoid a lot of searching and piecing things together, which will result in fewer errors and less time lost on the site.

For your comfort, we have provided a few practical overviews:

Do you have any questions? Contact our sales representative for your region.